Welcome to the California Closets of the Texas Hill Country Blog

February 5, 2010

Welcome to my blog about California Closets of the Texas Hill County and all things custom storage! Our fabulous company has been serving San Antonio, Austin and Corpus Christi since 1983! I know…blah, blah, blah, but the great thing about this is that we have systems out there that are 27 years old and we still service and warranty those products – how awesome is that?!? And when you have the history that we do in the Austin and San Antonio communities and you regularly see and maintain custom storage systems not only do you get to see how California Closets has evolved over the many years since we pioneered the storage industry but you get to hear how much people have enjoyed our systems over the course of years! To be able to hear how our clients are still happy and the difference that our products and services make in peoples lives is such a joy and privilege.

Custom Murphy Bed in Lago Wenge with Celsius Bronze Italian Glass

Obviously, I am very passionate about our company for the fore mentioned reason but also because of the people that work here. We are proud to employ 23 Central Texans who enjoy their work at California Closets and strive to deliver the goods each and every day! We offer the highest quality product in the marketplace and we have very discerning clients. All of us strive to not just meet but to exceed expectations. We have team members that have been with California Closets for over 20 years (Stephanie, Design Consultant) and 15 years (Kenny, Installation Technician) –we have the BEST and most EXPERIENCED in the business bar none! From our Production Supervisor, German who has been with us 6 years to Mark, Installation Technician who has worked his way up from production Staff to Installation Technician over his 7 years to Sue, Design Consultant who has worked here for over 6 years —These people inspire me each and every day and I am grateful to work each day with them and the rest of our talented and dedicated team! I myself have been with California Closets since 2002 when I started as a Design Consultant in Seattle. Eight years later I own this franchise along with my husband, Daniel, who formerly worked with our corporate office. What a great career one can have at California Closets. When you sell, manufacture and design handcrafted custom systems and furniture it is important to have the very best personnel – and California Closets of the Texas Hill Country has that inspades!

Milano Grey Wardrobe

Meet our Design Consultants here:

Shanna Davis

Misty Rodriguez

Sue Bassett

Stephanie Miller

Joann Wilmeth

Katie Hodgson

At California Closets, we are always innovating with new products and offerings – big and small – and there is always a story to tell. Our BIGGEST news as of late is our new custom furniture offering! We are very fortunate to have artisan on staff here to assist with these types of pieces.

See our custom work on our Facebook page here: California Closets Custom Portfolio

We are very excited to have the skill and expertise with our Design, Manufacturing and Installation teams to create these projects — some of the many things that make California Closets different and unique.

The life of a California Closets owner is never dull and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you – Cheers!

Jill Siegel, closet nerd


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