A Tale of Two Materials: Wood vs Melamine in Custom Storage

August 27, 2010

Greetings friends — I hope your summer is swimming along smooooothly:)  Ours is great and we are super busy, which we LOVE.  Hip, sophisticated, custom storage for all is our motto and it is our mission to bring it to you in style and with superior service!

Never satisfied with where we are and always moving the needle here at California Closets of the Texas Hill Country, our new wood collection is in full swing.  We are pleased to be working in this material after 27 years of working exclusively in melamine finishes.  However, there is, of course, a reason we have used this material for all of these years serving the San Antonio / Austin / Corpus Christie markets so I thought I’d blog a bit about the pros and cons of melamine vs wood material.

We field calls and answer questions about this quite a bit.  When I was a Designer in Seattle it did not seem to come up as much as it does in Texas… but I am a Texan who lives in Texas and loves Texans and we will give the Texans what they want!  Hence, our wood program — here are some pics:

Our client was looking to create a peaceful workspace in an under-utilized area of her home at the top of a staircase. We achieved a beautiful result using a Maple veneer stained with a custom high gloss black finish.

There are times that wood lends itself better to customization. This was the case where our client wanted to create a very organic counter-top shape for his home office.

Beautiful solid maple raised panel door and drawer fronts in an Espresso finish.

Here are the facts about melamine versus wood veneer when considering what is right for your project:


no maintenance
does not change color
can add doors, drawers, shelves, etc and you not not have to worry about matching color
will not dent as easily as wood – much tougher
Can be sustainable, recycled material and very environmentally friendly

it’s not wood:) and therefore, can have bias against it


more organic look
can be stained to closely match a specific color or tone

with dent easily
color will change over time
will be difficult to match the color if adding to system

So, there you have it!  Our Melamine, aka, furniture grade MDF with a melamine laminate, is not low quality, in fact, it is a high quality product guaranteed to last a lifetime — we could not be in business for 27 years in central Texas if it was a “cheap” material.  Other things to think about when thinking about QUALITY are the installation method, hardware used, the level of expertise of the Designer / Installation technician — overall quality STANDARDS of the company / product (or lack therof)…  but then, that is a whole other blog!!

Please visit us on the web <http://www.facebook.com/CaliforniaClosetsAustin.SanAntonio>  or in person at one of our showrooms — we would love to meet you!

Stay cool,
Jill Siegel, peruser of possibilities.


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