A Change of Season: How to Turn Winter to Summer in Your Closet

June 23, 2011

Summer is officially here! And that means you and your wardrobe are about to make a drastic switch to prepare for the sweltering days ahead.

Too many seasons in the closet causes clutter. If you want to be able to easily choose your summer outfits, then you need storage solutions for your winter wardrobe.

But there is much more to putting away those sweaters and jackets than dumping them into Tupperware in the garage.

Here’s what to remember when storing them away.

Purge unwanted items

The forgotten fact is that any and all garments, when hung in a closet, need plenty of hanging space to breathe in order to have as long a life as possible, so it makes sense that over-crowded closets will cram clothes and wear them down. If you still have items in your closet that you haven’t worn in a season or two, say good riddance! Donate, sell, or hand them down – they have the potential to make someone else just as happy as they made you!

Tie up loose ends

If you find snags, loose seams or hems, or buttons falling off, be sure to remove them. Clothes will seem more like new when it comes time to wear them again this fall. Also, empty out all the pockets! Items left in pockets – coins, keys, candy, pens – can put kinks and dents in your clothes over time should you leave them in storage long enough.

Be sure they’re clean

This is an obvious step in storing a wardrobe so you should expect to spend some quality time in your laundry space to prepare. Any particles and stains that are left on clothes for a prolonged period of time will set into the fabric, meaning it will be more difficult to clean in a few months.  (Not to mention the potential smell that could result depending on the source of the stain – yuck!)

Avoid hangers if you can

Since you will be putting these clothes away for a few months and not wearing or washing them, try not to leave them hanging. You’ll maintain the integrity of the garment and avoid them getting misshapen. If you find that hanging is necessary, quality hangers and the extra loops that come sewn into the clothes are extremely beneficial to utilize.

Location does matter

In fact, this is probably what you should be most mindful of. Avoiding warm, musty places will keep away mildew and insects; dark places will prevent fading. Find a place in your home that can combine these two points and you are absolutely set! If not, you might consider coming up with a new storage solution that will not only serve your wardrobe, but plenty of other household items that could use it.

Prepare your closet for new items

Clean, wipe down, and vacuum your closet thoroughly so it is fresh for the new wardrobe going in. Starting anew will ensure your clothes – and you! – a fresh start and motivate you to organize yourself the right way right off the bat.

With these steps in mind, you can cherish your seasonable wardrobes for years to come!


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