Turn A Small Bedroom Into A Closet

November 17, 2011

Wondering how you can do it? Just follow my six organizing tips for turning a small bedroom into a closet that you’ll love!

An extra room can be converted into a stunning master walk-in closet and dressing room.


Is your soon-to-be closet near your master bedroom and bathroom? Proximity to the bedrooms of the users is the first thing to consider. Imagine yourself using your closet in your day-to-day life; your closet should be aconvenient space for you to look forward to using with ease and comfort.



Trying to envision the closet of your dreams in a bedroom should be a fun brainstorming process and you can accomplish this the best if you clear out the bedroom first!

Sure, it’s a huge task to get everything out, but you’ll be surprised at the difference that it will make for you. With the room empty, you might realize that you have more space to design in than what it seemed like when it was full. It will be less overwhelming for you and you will have the opportunity to walk through the room (as if you were actually using it) while deciding where your clothes will be going.



When you walk into a bedroom, the first thing typically seen is a nicely dressed bed, front and center. Consider this when designing your closet, but instead, pick the best part of your wardrobe to showcase from the door! Do you have a shoe collection that you’re proud of? Perhaps pressed suits lined up in a row? Choose a part of your wardrobe that you love and design a solution to flaunt it.



When designing where your clothes will be stored, consider the sunlight that streams into the room and in what direction it shines. Bedrooms usually have good-sized windows and taming natural light is important to the life of your clothes. Prevent fading by installing shades over the windows and recessed lighting into your closet space – in the ceiling or in the closet system itself could work. Discuss the effects that different types of lighting will have on your clothes with a professional to get their expert advice on the type to use.

Make use of wall space for custom shelves and drawers and create space to dress and dream.



In a spare bedroom, not only do you have plenty of wall spaceto build on, but floor space, as well. This can be perfect for acenter island or dressing area.

An island is great place for drawers to use when storing jewelry, purses, large shoes, or as a dressing area to lay out your clothes for the day. It can also be a nice divider in the middle of closet for a shared his and hers space. Just remember to leave yourself ample walking space around the island when designing.



Get yourself a full-length mirror! There’s plenty of space for it and the closet would not be quite complete without it. Leaner mirrors can leave a grandiose impression, but built-in mirrors may be the most convenient. Building these into the closet system – maybe as a door insert – or a slide out mirror that tucks away into the closet are a couple of creative ways to seamlessly integrate this accessory for easy use.


What do you think? Ready to transform a too-small bedroom into a just-right walk-in closet? 


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