Sometimes when cleaning out our closets, we find hidden treasures we didn’t know existed. Sometimes we happen upon some of our parents’ old clothes, jewelry, or other gems, but one thing is for sure: we need to organize! One item that can be hard to organize? Large brimmed hats.  At times falling into the category of forgotten treasures, this great accessary is coming back in the fashion industry.

Then comes the tough questions: How do I store these types of hats so they don’t get smashed up?

There are lots of options.

If you have some counterspace available, it may be convenient to buy a hat rack like the one pictured below. This type of rack will display all your different hats for you and help them keep their shape.

If you only have one large brimmed hat, but want to make sure it doesn’t make its way to the bottom or back of a closet, you may want to try a mannequin head. This also helps the hat keep its form.

Not that much counter space? You can always get a hat stand that hooks over a door. This saves space and also lets you see what options you have for dressing up your outfit with stylish headgear.


Have other suggestions for ways to organize your hats? Leave a comment below and let us know! 

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There isn’t anyone I know that couldn’t use some help in keeping up with their endless to-do lists for their home! It’s about time we face the fact that there will always be something that needs taking care of – bills, errands, cleaning, improvements, kids, schedules – so we’ve put together a list of the basic tactics to get the most out of your hours in your home.

Pick the right times. We all have those certain times of day that we are most charismatic and energized, be it in the morning before everyone else wakes up to distract you or later in the afternoon after having a couple meals to fuel yourself up. Take notice of your power hour(s) and aim to complete tasks then.

Midday exercise. Cease the groans! A quick 30-minute walk around the neighborhood or yoga session in the comfort of your living room will reap multiple benefits: great for your body, an increase in metabolism (which equals increase in your energy), and a sense of rejuvenation.  That’s the perfect formula for productivity if I ever saw it!

Auto-pay your bills when possible. This will save you TONS of time. It is one less thing for you to have to sit down to take care of . If you are unsure about electronic transactions, it is pretty standard for companies to send you a confirmation email any time they take activity on your account so you can know all the details.

Take a break! This is incredibly essential and definitely not something to skip because you CAN afford it: over-working yourself will tire you out and eventually get you loathing your to-do lists. Go out and grab a smoothie, watch a TV show,  or play with the kids/pets. A positive attitude is half the battle in accomplishing tasks big and small.

Share your goals with others. Making others aware of what you’re up to will keep you accountable for what you’re doing. Whether they ask you about it throughout the day or you simply want to showcase your work ethic to them, it’ll give you a constant reason to accomplish what you’ve set forth to.

Jot down a To-DO list. These lists will keep you organized and allow you to have an on-going plan in your head. Crossing off things from the list will look and feel great, too.

Get organized! Our favorite. 😉 How can you go wrong when you have a certain place to find things and return them to? Cut down on all that time you spend searching for items by starting and maintaining a sense of organization. And feel free to grab some inspiration here.

Have any tips for us that we didn’t mention? We’d love to hear! It’s easy to comment below to share your bits of genius. 🙂

You know the benefits of staying organized: less stress, more productivity, more control.

But it’s all too easy to come up with ways to put off de-cluttering, tidying and reorganizing. The problem is the more excuses you make, the more the clutter builds and the more things feel out of control.

Which of these top five excuses do you use to put off organizing? Let’s put a stop to them right now.

“I’m not like this at the office. It’s just at home”

Why do you stay organized at work? Does it help you be productive? Does it give you more time to take care of priorities?

More importantly, why wouldn’t you want these benefits in your home? Realistically, keeping a home is a second job on all of our plates.  But it’s just as important, if not more important than your job. You live there, maintain relationships with family there, and de-stress there. You deserve a home that’s a haven for you.

Staying organized minimizes stress and frustration levels, and makes your home even more pleasant to come home after a long day of work.

“If I organized my things, it wouldn’t stay organized for very long because I have a lazy personality.”

Don’t allow yourself to believe this for one second. Truly lazy people probably wouldn’t take the time to read an article about how to get organized, right?

Half the battle is realizing that you need a solution and figuring out how to go about it. If you find unnecessary frustrations on your plate doing day-to-day duties in your house or spending a lot of time looking for things several times a week, those may be a red flag that you need a solution. 

You also need motivation. It’s not always easy to keep up with organization at first. Get your family involved as a team – create systems together and keep up with putting things away.

“It’s not just about cleaning. I’d have to rearrange my entire room!”

Good! You cannot avoid your organizing needs when you have to move things to new places; this will force you to remember their new spots and have you actively think about where you got them from. You’ll keep going back there when you need it or when you put it away.  

Having new places for your items will allow you to see more of what you have and you may discover things that you no longer have use for… a great way to rid yourself of clutter that is doing nothing but taking up space.

Have fun with reorganizing. Approach it like a creative design project, knowing that it will be making a lasting and positive change in your life.

“My clutter is just small stuff that I don’t have a place for, it’s not that big a deal.”

How much “small stuff” do you have? The accumulation of a lot of small things can lead to one big problem: clutter!

Try separating these items into categories, depending on where you use them and how often you use them. Separate the items for kitchen, office, and bedroom, then have a “junk drawer” in each of these rooms to store miscellaneous items if there is no other way to find them a better place. Sort through the junk periodically so you can get rid of things you’ve realized you don’t need.

“If I put things away, I won’t see them, and then I won’t use them.”

If you have items that you won’t remember to use if you don’t see them, you need to ask yourself this question: Why do you still have them?

Getting rid of things that are unnecessarily taking up space is a great way to start and you will feel so refreshed! Less “stuff” means more space to keep things that are truly essential for you and your family. Rid that drawer of all unnecessary receipts and business cards that you don’t need to make room for office supplies that you readily use, like staplers, paper clips, and pens.  Purge your closet of the clothes you haven’t worn in the last year (we all have them!) for hand-me-downs or donations. 

No more excuses

It’s National Spring Cleaning Week – this is the time to overcome these excuses once and for all and enjoy the benefits of an organized home!

If you didn’t see your favorite excuse on the list, let us know what it is and we’ll offer ideas for overcoming it.


With the real estate market on a slow but steady rise, many homeowners in the country have a to-do list of projects to put more value into the home they’ve worked hard for.

Whether you are looking to sell your home or just want to give it a facelift, organizing and upgrading gives you a better chance to boost your home’s resale value.

Curb appeal

The first huge step when marketing a house to buyers is getting them to come inside. A house with outdoor debris, sloppy landscaping, and unattractive trash or recycle bins lining its curb is not going to excite anyone to step into a house.

The impression at the curb can make the biggest difference – if little care is given to the outside, what will that mean for the inside? Organizing, tidying and cleaning the exteriors before marketing a home is essential.


The bathroom and all its fixtures and details is often a bigger selling point than the four walls of a bedroom. Unfortunately, it’s also the room in the house that is most likely to be outdated.

Upgrading the faucets and sinks will give an instant facelift to a bathroom. A combination of smaller improvements, such as painting, de-cluttering and redecorating, are easy and will win over buyers, too, without putting a huge dent in your wallet. Adding storage solutions, such as a vanity or linen cabinets, will have a positive impact as well.

Closets and other storage

Nicely designed and functional closets are always a surprise to potential home buyers. When touring a home, it is typical to see the standard shelf and rod configuration, so a custom closet system will definitely stay in their minds as they see other houses – it is simply a feature that is not expected! Some nice storage solutions (e.g. pantries, media units, garages) can also make a significant difference, as buyers don’t often come across these.

Just think: If a buyer sees two identical homes and one of them has impressive storage systems installed and the other doesn’t, who would get the sale?


If you walked into a house with white walls and then another with painted walls, which are you going to feel more “at home” in? It’s a no-brainer, right? Painting walls is usually the first go-to change most people make to their homes and it is for good reason. Cold, sterile walls are not welcoming and could hinder the impression on a buyer about the homeowner’s interest in maintaining the house.

It is easy, fast, and inexpensive, so it’s hard to find an excuse not to, right? If you don’t do any other project, paint!

Convert the basement into a living room

There is something extremely comforting in walking into a home and seeing the basement or garage spaces being utilized for something productive. These spaces tend to have the reputation of being the “catch-all” area where clutter accumulates. Get creative with the décor: Create a wine storage and cocktail lounge, game room, home theater, piano room… the possibilities are endless!

Kitchen upgrades

Start with a simple pantry cabinet makeover to create an organized, welcoming kitchen. If you’re ready for a bigger investment, renovate by installing all stainless steel appliances, updating the backsplash, applying a fresh coat of paint, and adding new cabinetry and countertops.

Make sure your kitchen renovation is appropriate to the home value, the surrounding area, and your home’s decor. Spending a quarter of what your home is worth on a kitchen remodel is not appropriate. Modern elements should not be mixed with traditional or dated elements.

Wood deck

As far as the exterior of the home, your investment in a deck will get you the most return in cost – about 80% according to Remodeling magazine. The addition of this outdoor space moves potential buyers to daydream about the parties they can host, enjoying family dinners outside, or where they are going to place their mighty grill. Overall, it can be a huge selling point.


Though there is much that can be improved upon in any home, there are some things that you should avoid that won’t be worth your time OR money. Adding a swimming pool or excessive landscaping, for example, will not help you. Buyers might see these as huge maintenance chores that they will have to keep up with, which is not something anyone would want to have on their plate when purchasing a new home. If these are already part of your home, then great! But avoid adding things of this nature solely for the purpose of wanting to sell.