Sometimes when cleaning out our closets, we find hidden treasures we didn’t know existed. Sometimes we happen upon some of our parents’ old clothes, jewelry, or other gems, but one thing is for sure: we need to organize! One item that can be hard to organize? Large brimmed hats.  At times falling into the category of forgotten treasures, this great accessary is coming back in the fashion industry.

Then comes the tough questions: How do I store these types of hats so they don’t get smashed up?

There are lots of options.

If you have some counterspace available, it may be convenient to buy a hat rack like the one pictured below. This type of rack will display all your different hats for you and help them keep their shape.

If you only have one large brimmed hat, but want to make sure it doesn’t make its way to the bottom or back of a closet, you may want to try a mannequin head. This also helps the hat keep its form.

Not that much counter space? You can always get a hat stand that hooks over a door. This saves space and also lets you see what options you have for dressing up your outfit with stylish headgear.


Have other suggestions for ways to organize your hats? Leave a comment below and let us know! 

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