There isn’t anyone I know that couldn’t use some help in keeping up with their endless to-do lists for their home! It’s about time we face the fact that there will always be something that needs taking care of – bills, errands, cleaning, improvements, kids, schedules – so we’ve put together a list of the basic tactics to get the most out of your hours in your home.

Pick the right times. We all have those certain times of day that we are most charismatic and energized, be it in the morning before everyone else wakes up to distract you or later in the afternoon after having a couple meals to fuel yourself up. Take notice of your power hour(s) and aim to complete tasks then.

Midday exercise. Cease the groans! A quick 30-minute walk around the neighborhood or yoga session in the comfort of your living room will reap multiple benefits: great for your body, an increase in metabolism (which equals increase in your energy), and a sense of rejuvenation.  That’s the perfect formula for productivity if I ever saw it!

Auto-pay your bills when possible. This will save you TONS of time. It is one less thing for you to have to sit down to take care of . If you are unsure about electronic transactions, it is pretty standard for companies to send you a confirmation email any time they take activity on your account so you can know all the details.

Take a break! This is incredibly essential and definitely not something to skip because you CAN afford it: over-working yourself will tire you out and eventually get you loathing your to-do lists. Go out and grab a smoothie, watch a TV show,  or play with the kids/pets. A positive attitude is half the battle in accomplishing tasks big and small.

Share your goals with others. Making others aware of what you’re up to will keep you accountable for what you’re doing. Whether they ask you about it throughout the day or you simply want to showcase your work ethic to them, it’ll give you a constant reason to accomplish what you’ve set forth to.

Jot down a To-DO list. These lists will keep you organized and allow you to have an on-going plan in your head. Crossing off things from the list will look and feel great, too.

Get organized! Our favorite. 😉 How can you go wrong when you have a certain place to find things and return them to? Cut down on all that time you spend searching for items by starting and maintaining a sense of organization. And feel free to grab some inspiration here.

Have any tips for us that we didn’t mention? We’d love to hear! It’s easy to comment below to share your bits of genius. 🙂